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DERANGED SHIT - Kill It By The Brick [2007]

Artist : Deranged Shit
Album : Kill It By The Brick
Year : 2007
Genre : Porno Gore Grind
Country : Guilin, Guangxi, China
Label : Half-Life Records

Track List :

1. Intro / Deranged Shit
2. Kill It By The Brick
3. Make Love Everyday
4. CCC.Brindmind
5. Nothing But Noise
6. All Church Burn By Me!
7. All You Need Is A Dirty Bitch
8. Human BBQ
9. The Butcher's Name Is Werewolf
10. Sleazy Girl
11. Cold Night With The Monster
12. No, I Am Not Gay!
13. Scream Bitch
14. U Will See The Gore Result
15. Dimu Borge
16. Huge Aberrance Mosquito From Jungle
17. Don't Cuddle Your Children
18. Hello, U Could Shit In My House
19. Wowowo Ele
20. Cafe I Go, Snoopy Go-Go-Go 123
21. Like Vomit
22. Shit From Space

.:: by GRAVEWISH ::.

* Cyber-Gore originality and truly insane recorded
art from a one-man weirdo. The name of the band
describes the music: sick, fun, brutal, crazy, and
mystifying, all at the same time. Harkening back
to the old cassette or EP days of MEATSHITS, ANAL
CUNT, PSYCHO, etc. *

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